LBDC-WR Founder, Lynn Campion-Waddell and Teresa Beahan-Lipman

What kind to time commitment is expected of me?

That will be entirely up to you!  The minimum club requirement is attending at least one of the three annual Grant Giving Events during the year and donating $100 to the recipient for the evening.  There will be member events from time to time.

Aren’t there already other women’s groups in the Wood River Valley?

Yes there are, such as Papoose Club and the Wood River Women’s Charitable Foundation.  We are not affliated with either organization, but celebrate their efforts.  Little Black Dress Club-Wood River is a women’s giving circle that is more fiscally accessible to a broader range of women and we do not require volunteer time of our members.

Are you connected to the Little Black Dress Club of Boise?

We are both our own separate 501 (c) 3.  We were fortunate to have a founding member of the Boise club visit and introduce there project to us in the Spring of 2009.  To a certain degree, we modeled our club after theirs, but with our touch for meeting the needs of this community.  They are happy that a new club has been started and perhaps we can have a joint gathering in the future to expand our social network!