FOUNDING MEMBERS: Lynn Campion-Waddell, Hilary Furlong, Mary Jo Helmeke, Rain McDonald, Erin Pfaeffle, Tricia Swartling, Teresa Beahan-Lipman, Diane Barker, Teresa Espedal, Peggy Goldwyn, Kristy Logan, Susie Quesnel, Liz Schwerdtle, Teresa Williams


The Little Black Dress Club-Wood River is a philanthropic giving circle created to support non-profit organizations in Blaine County. We believe that each of us is bonded by the relationships we build. By bringing together a diverse group of women who share the goal of supporting our community, we can become more engaged in effecting positive changes in Blaine County.


In the spring of 2009, a small group of women helped make Lynn Campion-Waddell’s vision a reality. We modeled ourselves after The Little Black Dress Club of Boise to whom we are very grateful. They graciously shared information and enthusiasm for the concept of a charitable endeavor that appeals to a broad group of women. LBDC-WR was officially formed in September of 2009.


The Little Black Dress Club-Wood River knows that philanthropy can be engaging, thought provoking, accessible and fun. Our mission is to introduce women to philanthropy and to inspire positive changes in our community through charitable giving.


Lynn Campion-Waddell
Hilary Furlong
Mary Jo Helmeke
Rain McDonald
Erin Pfaeffle
Tricia Swartling
Teresa Beahan-Lipman
Diane Barker
Teresa Espedal
Peggy Goldwyn
Kristy Logan
Susie Quesnel
Liz Schwerdtle
Teresa Williams